Below are research documents or stories relating to
wrongful allegations and the potential impact.
  1. Book
    Wrongful Allegations - Ros Burnett
    Oxford University
    Wrongful Allegations of Sexual and Child Abuse, Oxford University Press, published September 2016.
  2. Radio
    Why memory can't always be relied on in court
    Elizabeth Loftus
    Cognitive psychologist Elizabeth Loftus challenged courtroom procedures in the US and fell foul of many therapists in her bid to show that eye-witness testimony should not always be relied on in court. 18 November 2016
  3. Report
    Allegations of abuse against teachers and non-teaching staff (Research Report DFE-RR192)
    47% of the allegations made against school teachers (n=1,234) and two‐fifths of allegations against non‐teaching staff (41%, n=639) were found to be unsubstantiated, malicious or unfounded.
  4. TV
    Judge Rinder Crime Stories - Victor Nealon
    Crime Stories
    In Jan 1997, Victor Nealon was wrongly imprisoned for sexually assault a woman after leaving a nightclub. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and spent the next 17 years clearing his name.
  5. Book
    Presumed Guilty - Simon Warr
    Biteback Publishing
    The story of how Simon Warr spent 672 days on bail, single-handedly mounting his defence against a false allegation. The jury took fewer than forty minutes to acquit him unanimously on all charges.
  6. Book
    Perfect Scapegoat - Jessie Kyd
    The Perfect Scapegoat tells Jessie's very personal and at times heart-wrenching account of the abuse investigation and her struggle for many years after to fight for justice and a normal life.
  7. Book
    Lives Forever Changed - Philip Kramer
    Everyday, adults are falsely accused of abuse crimes that they did not commit. These allegations take away from the legitimate cases of abuse that have actually occurred, and cause needless suffering.
  8. Book
    Credible and True - K. Harvey Proctor
    Biteback Publishing
    Speaking candidly about his most recent embroilment in Operation Midland and adding to the topical debate about police lack of due process in the post-Savile world of ‘guilty until proven innocent’.
  9. Book
    My Year Under Yewtree - Paul Gambaccini
    Biteback Publishing
    Paul Gambaccini was arrested in the dead of night in October 2013. Finally, inevitably, he was exonerated and added to the ever-growing list of celebrities falsely accused of historical sexual abuse.
  10. Book
    False Allegations - Nik Greene
    True Story: "In a country where it is presumed 'children don't lie,' it took 3 years to fight the biased French system and clear my name, but clearing my name with the French people was another matter."
  11. Book
    DRY ICE: True Story of a False Rape Complaint
    Peter Joyce’s settled life was disrupted when a woman he had never met accused him of historic rape. Dry Ice is a compelling memoir, but much more.
  12. Book
    The Secret of Bryn Estyn - Richard Webster
    In this book Richard Webster examines how a number of genuine cases of sexual abuse became the basis for an extraordinary collective fantasy and how rumours of a non-existent paedophile ring shattered the lives of hundreds of innocent care workers and their families.