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Whilst recent high profile cases have suggested that false allegations are a relatively new phenomenon, support groups have been working on behalf of innocent victims for over 20 years. Since Savile, however, the scale of allegations has increased exponentially and with that, the scale of false allegations. It is impossible to accurately estimate the number of false allegations. In March 2016, Simon Bailey, the Chief Constable of Norfolk and head of Operation Hydrant, stated that there were 70,000 investigations into child sex abuse in 2015 costing £1bn. A Guardian article states that Home Office figures show that in the same year, there were 8,593 prosecutions for child sex abuse with 5,940 convictions. Whilst the police maintain that less than 0.1% of child abuse allegations are false, Sir Richard Henriques, in his Operation Midland Report for the MPS strongly disputes this figure.

The groups in the Alliance have several thousand members. People who have been convicted and served a prison term. People who have been prosecuted and found not guilty. People who have been imprisoned and released on appeal. And families of those who have been convicted and are still languishing in prison.  

False accusations have a ripple effect, ruining the lives not just of those accused, but their families, friends and often work colleagues. Every day, ordinary people face the horror of an accusation where the police assume the complainant is telling the truth and right from the start, treat the accused as guilty unless they can prove their innocence, often impossible from claims that go back decades.  
Biased investigations - often more interested in meeting police targets than finding the truth - will lead to names being revealed, jobs being lost and family and friend trust being undermined. For those against whom the case is eventually dropped or where they are found not guilty, the stigma and suspicion remains. For those found guilty, not only is there the hell of overcrowded, understaffed prisons, but the sex-offender register on release that will make them virtually unemployable and place huge restrictions on their ability to integrate back into society.​​

And yet, despite all this, false accusers are very rarely punished even when there is clear evidence that they have lied. And even where they have obtained compensation under false pretences.
This has to stop and the Alliance is a powerful message of unified action to inform the media and to present the other side to those strident voices that treat every accuser as a victim and every accused as guilty without proper investigation and without a fair and impartial trial.


The number of police investigations into child sex abuse in 2015

£1 billion

The cost of those investigations

> 50%

More than half of cases heard in Crown Court are now sex abuse allegations (From 'The Aged Accused' by Richard Jory QC and Sam Jones ​)


The increase in the number of men over 60 in prison since 2002
(From England and Wales Prison Population Statistics)