The UNFOUNDED Consultation has now closed, but all new comments will still be used until the last moment of developing the new Draft Strategy. Any feedback after this will still be considered and no comments will be wasted or ignored. All contributors will be contacted direct to show each how their ideas are being implemented.

Particularly let us know if you would like to join this UNFOUNDED Alliance either as a group, as an individual or as a Twitter / Facebook account.

Brief for the Consultation so you may still contribute;

Project to join Voluntary Groups and Voluntary Organisations in: Challenging and Defeating False Allegations (of abuse)

All comments on the UNFOUNDED Consultation document, or any other issue, concern or idea that you may have in relation to False Allegations of abuse will be relevant.  Individuals or Groups can send as many Consultation comments as they wish.  All comments will be used to develop the Final Strategy for UNFOUNDED.  This is YOUR CHANCE to get involved, and YOUR CHANCE to help make a real difference. Let us know anything you want to say.

Consultation feedback or group or individual interest in joining should be e-mailed to: secretary@unfounded.org.uk

Author: Mike Smith, BSc(Hons), CIM, CertMed :
UNFOUNDED Project and Consultation Leader