Alliance Against Unfounded Accusations of Abuse

The UNFOUNDED Alliance brings together a wide range of groups in order to support victims of false allegations of abuse, and to speak as one voice in the fight for true Justice.

We are currently undertaking a full Consultation exercise in order to combine the strength of all Groups and Individuals who are affected by these false allegations.  See the Consultation Section of this site to contribute your thoughts, concerns and ideas.

Police effort and Court time should be focused on supporting real victims and properly protecting all children and adults. People who are guilty of crime should be convicted, rather than those who are not.

False convictions and false allegations of abuse, are often based on uncorroborated evidence. Court processes in these cases routinely depart from usual high standards of proof and are needlessly wrecking many lives. This is one of the biggest, but most hidden scandals of modern times. Help to take a Stand against the routine false allegations and systematic false conviction of many innocent people.

Contribute to the UNFOUNDED Consultation and help us make real change.